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water WELLNESS expert

- Kirk Phinney -

Reboot Your Life with Energized Water

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- Kirk Phinney -

Water wellness expert

Building Your Relationship with Energized Water and Food 

Work With Us

Meet Kirk and cathy

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Kirk and Cathy Phinney are the founders of and They have been home business owners and trainers since the late 1980's, with a focus on bringing new and cutting edge wellness products to market.

For the past fifteen years, Kirk and Cathy have been designing and manufacturing proprietary non-electric energized drinking and whole house water systems. First developed in 2010, Kirk's original Non-Electric Energized Media Solution™ has since taken many form factors and equipment offerings, to include many residential, travel, emergency, and commercial delivery systems. Their client base includes hundreds of natural health professionals and thousands of their patients and clients.

One of the many exciting features of their energized water is that it's designed to assist in maintaining healthy weight and flexibility. Many don't drink enough healthy energized water to maintain the body's ongoing need, and this can becomes a deficiency problem as we all age. Perhaps even more significant is the energized water's ability to allow proper detoxing and elimination functions. Of course, as first and foremost a food product, their company does not make make health, curative, or other claims. They instead encourage people to try the water from those who already own systems, and to experience for themselves the often significant results. Although Kirk and Cathy originally hail from the metropolitan Northeast, the couple continues to develop and grow a homestead farm near the foothills of the BlueRidge Mountains.

In 2019 they launched, which is a very unique whole food products and energy research tools company with phenomenal affiliate members who are all centered on helping others get results.

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Energized Water

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Natural Whole Foods 

Win With Us

Let's re-discover wellness together.

We've spent a lifetime researching ancient healing modalities in order to bring our clients the very best natural whole foods and energized water.  Come team with us and become a respected WaterHacker!

  • Accomplished: Over 30 years Helping Clients Lose Weight.
  • Certified: Certified Water Experts
  • Doctor Recommended: Serving Hundreds of Health Professionals and Their Patients

Self Mastery


Finally stop the crazy "hits and misses" programs and learn to take complete control of your overall wellness!   People the world over living in modern countries, eating and drinking "civilized" food choices, are often digging their own graves with their own knives and forks.   Learn from the masters to save stress and money, and start making super simple changes and choices to finally turn things around for good!


Just a few simple steps.


Develop an easy new routine.


Just make an easy decision to change.


Joining our ongoing support system will keep you laughing and on track!

Tune In

Weekly Episodes.

EP01: My Journey

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EP02: Life at the Homestead

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EP03: My Newest  Discovery

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